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So, you may be asking yourself......

What exactly IS a reborn doll?

I know I did the first time I ever saw one.

Well, here is the official Wikipedia definition..

A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl play doll that has been transformed in order to achieve as much realism as possible in order to resemble a human baby. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning, and the doll artists are referred to as reborners.  


While this definition is accurate, it leaves out the artistry that
actually takes place to create these works of art.

As with all art, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.
There are many different reactions when someone sees a reborn.

Some become immediately obsessed and intrigued. While others
have a very negative reaction and simply find them creepy.  

Whatever your reaction, this truly is an art form that takes vision, creativity and many, many hours to transform vinyl into a lifelike form.
To give you an idea I will post some picture of what this
transformation actually looks like.

The Beginning...

A blank vinyl Kit

After a few layers of genesis heat set paints are
applied the vinyl begins to come alive...

Finished with Painting






So again, from this blank vinyl kit...

This little cutie!

Hair Rooting and/or painting...


Doll Therapy Beneficial for Women with Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's is a type of progressive disease that affects a person's memory, thinking and behavior, making them unable to function normally in society. A person suffering from Alzheimer's eventually becomes disinterested with the world around them, making it quite difficult for them to become interested to socialize and interact with other people. Instead, they end up being uncommunicative and withdrawn.

In addition with various medications, certain therapy methods are also used by health care providers for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's. Recently, one type of therapy has become extremely popular because of its success rate among people with Alzheimer's. This is what is called Doll Therapy.

As the term suggests, this particular therapy involves the use of a doll or a cuddly item for them to hold. Based on a lot of studies conducted by various researchers in the United States and Britain, women suffering from Alzheimer's who are given a doll gives them the same feeling as if they are holding a live baby. This brings them back to a time when they were young mothers given their baby for the first time. Lots of women who were thought to have become extremely withdrawn and lost their ability to speak or smile are found to become more interactive through this therapy as they spend hours cuddling the "baby", speaking to it, and reassuring the baby�very much the same way that they used to do when their children were still babies.

A woman suffering from Alzheimer's is more likely to respond well with Doll Therapy if she is given one that is as lifelike and realistic as possible. It is for this reason that many medical practitioners using Doll Therapy to treat women with Alzheimer's would use reborn dolls. That is because reborn dolls are created to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible.

If you have a family member suffering from Alzheimer's, getting them a reborn doll can do wonders for her. You can check here for a wide range of different reborn dolls that closely resembles babies from various ethnical backgrounds to match your own to add to the realistic nature of the doll and increase the chances that your relative would respond positively to Doll Therapy.

Of course, Doll Therapy is not a cure for women suffering from Alzheimer's, and it is highly recommended to discuss this first with the doctor attending to your loved one. However, it does give you and your family the opportunity to enjoy the remaining years with your loved one comfortably and happily.

Article found on http://www.rebornfamily.com/reborn-dolls-for-doll-therapy
*A personal note: I would like to share that this therapy certainly does not need to be limited to women. I recently spoke with a woman who cares for her father who has had a stroke and he loves cuddling her reborn baby. His arm, which barely moves otherwise, gets into "baby holding position" when she hands her to him.

When I first learned of Reborn dolls I was in awe of how real they looked and
assumed they were simply for collectors sitting on a shelf. Since then, I have learned of the controversy surrounding them. People who are bothered by them and their treatment as real babies. I myself have been touched by some of my own customer's stories where the dolls have provided comfort for either a loss or a void in their lives. 

It seems there is more value to these little bundles than just how cute they are!

See my AVAILABLE BABIES page if you are interested in owning one!

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